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Boogie Down Synch is the Bronx's first music agency to work exclusively with local artists. Known for providing ‘The Sound of  New York’,  Boogie Down Synch gives local talent a platform to get heard and makes it fast and easy for  TV & film producers to license authentic New York music.


Founded in 2020 by local producer and industry pro, Lovett ‘Vett’ Evans, Boogie Down Synch specializes in representing the rights of songs from breakthrough artists for sync licensing.


Boogie Down Synch is the sister company of Evans’ publishing and production music group, Amori Sounds, which produces and provides trailer music for promotional visual media, and has been featured on major channels and platforms, including, BET, EA Sports and More.


'We Represent the Sound of New York'


Boogie Down Synch is the only New York sync agency working with local New York talent, we discover and support groundbreaking sounds from independent, emerging artists. Then we help you source them simply and quickly – everything’s pre-cleared and ready for delivery.


'We Elevate the Sound of New York'

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'We capture the Sound of New York'


When you work with Boogie Down Synch, you don’t just get a platform to host your tracks. Or the chance to have you music featured in TV, film and advertising. You get a partner – a passionate, experienced, Bronx-born-and-raised professional who can help you break through and establish your career.

We elevate the sound of New York. Give you the education you need to succeed in the industry. And empower you by unlocking doors and opening up opportunities. The Bronx is the birthplace of Hip Hop. Home to great, undiscovered talent. We exist to take that talent to the world.

Are you a NYC artist?

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